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Ship's Log

March 23, 2017

Welcome to the Ship's Log!

Here I will post events in the life of Veteran and her family. Please check back often or follow us on Facebook for updates.

Captain Mike

March 24, 2017

Tonight we are supporting a fundraiser for the Rappahannock County High School Band. We have donated a dinner cruise for six aboard Veteran. Supporting school groups is one of our favorite ways to give back to the community and gives us another opportunity to bring a little salt water into someone's life. If you are in the area come on out tonight at 6:30 and buy some raffle tickets to support the band and have a chance at a beautiful evening aboard Veteran.

March 27, 2017

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Urbanna. I spent some time with Veteran doing the routine things that boat owners do...a little electrical tinkering, planning out some scraping and painting and doing some prep work for the new raw water wash-down. I am looking forward to the upcoming charity cruises we have booked and am hoping for more opportunities to help out more non-profits in the near future. Happy Spring!

Captain Mike

April 10, 2017

Good morning! I hope that I am not the only one preparing for a beautiful holiday on the water. A little time doing maintenance and then a day trip with the family. Happy Spring Break!

April 18, 2017

What a wonderful Easter weekend aboard Veteran. This was a weekend for family. Three of our children joined us, including our two college students. Unfortunately, Jack was on vacation in Florida, but next time. We started off on Friday with lots of Spring cleaning. We rounded out the day with dinner at Something Different in Urbanna. Always a treat and the best pie around. 

Saturday was all about fun. Holly, my wife & chef, fired up the galley stove and we enjoyed sausage & eggs before heading out. We took Veteran upriver to Belle Isle State Park & anchored. The weather was beautiful in spite of the forecast calling for rain & thunderstorms. Didn't see a drop until after 9 pm. The kids fished & laid in the sun & generally did what young adults do. Holly & I enjoyed just having them around & spent some time reading & relaxing in the sun & salt air. Lunch was picnic style on deck followed by more family time. Early evening saw us weighing anchor for a leisurely cruise back downriver. Back at the dock, my daughter & I dyed Easter eggs in the saloon while the boys took to the canoe to explore the creek. We decided to drive to dinner at Urbanna Seafood & Raw Bar instead of going by boat because of the threat of storms. Dinner was quite good & worth the wait (it is a crowded spot frequented by locals) & I had my first soft-shell crab of the year. Back aboard we watched "Hop" before turning in. A good day for all.

Easter Sunday brought the smell of fresh beignets sliding into the oil on the galley stove, a family tradition that Holly has perfected. After breakfast & some quiet family time we cleaned up & scrubbed Veteran inside & out before heading home to get ready for school today. A truly blessed way to enjoy my favorite things: my family, my beagles & my boat.

Veteran is a great platform for family time, relaxation & fun of all sorts. We are ready & eager to welcome aboard school & non-profit groups right now, as well as donating trips for charity auctions & look forward to taking charters later this year.

May 28, 2017

Happy Memorial Day! Due to weather and family obligations I wasn't able to spend time on the water this weekend, but two of my boys and I did get to spend part of the weekend on Veteran. We even managed to have a couple of small adventures!

Our first adventure started with Davis and Jacob fishing off of the stern. As happens, they snagged a lure. Well, we just couldn't let that lure go! So what to do? With the three of us anything is possible. What we ended up doing was taking a snag hook and making a grappling hook and snag whatever was holding the lure captive. After some false starts what did we haul in but a ghost pot! We saved the lure then spent some quality time looking at and photographing the marine life that came with it and returning the ones we could to the creek then disposed of the pot. Doing our part for the Bay one snagged lure at a time.

The second adventure came as we were loading the car to head out this morning. I heard a fellow slip holder yell for a first aid kit and found him with a badly gashed leg. Some other good Samaritans and some supplies from my kit and we got him patched up. What happened to him? Well, a sink hole opened up in the gravel path he was using and in went one leg up to the knee. Lucky a gash was all he got! Apparently all of the spring rain has washed out a considerable area behind the bulkhead. The marina staff was starting to work on it as we left. Just goes to show you that not all of the hazards of boating involve a boat!

Be safe and have fun or there and remember, collect your trash. Fishing line, general trash and abandoned great take a terrible toll on the ecosystem we depend on.

Captain Mike