Welcome Aboard!


Do you want to be part of the Veteran family and help preserve this amazing piece of history? Do you want to help sponsor our educational programming? Click on one of the sponsorship opportunities below and give generously to help keep Veteran sailing! Names of sponsors will be posted on board.

       Elsie Louise                 
                   Elsie Louise                                                                                                                                   Georgeanna

Welcome Aboard!

My name is Mike Sheffield, captain of the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Veteran out of Urbanna, Virginia. Veteran was launched the Elsie Louise and hauled freight and dredged oysters for over 65 years.

She was then converted to a menhaden snapper rig in the 1980s and rechristened Georgeanna. Her menhaden career lasted until 2002 when she began a brief career in towing and salvage work. In 2007 she retired and was reshaped into a luxury cruiser and rechristened Veteran, the name she bears today. Through four careers and three deck designs she has kept her hull lines and her spirit intact and today carries on in the indomitable tradition of the adaptable and capable Chesapeake Bay Buyboat. 

Want to read more about the life and times of Veteran? Click HERE to read the article in the Southside Sentinel. It is a well written read by Larry Chowning.

For the moment Veteran is spending most of her time doing charity cruises,  entertaining family and friends and getting reacquainted with the people and waters of the Chesapeake Bay. If you are having an event where you would like Veteran to appear, or if your school or non-profit could use help fundraising or with an educational outing, please contact me to schedule a visit. Veteran and I look forward to welcoming you on-board!

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Just as each sailor remembers every vessel served upon, so too does each vessel remember every sailor she has served. Fair winds and following seas.